Improve Your Google Analytics Data in Two Minutes

If you’re not filtering internal visits from your Google Analytics setup, then you’re wrecking your data.

For example, you sign up and sign in with test accounts, then click all over the place to make sure everything works as expected, or you refresh a single page 20 times in one day. A short while later you’ll spend several hours trying to bring meaning to the Analytics data, having completely forgotten that your own behavior has skewed everything.

There’s no excuse for this. It takes two minutes to filter out internal visits from being counted in Google Analytics to make your data more reliable.

Open a new tab, right now, and do this:

  1. Search Google for “my IP”
  2. Open Google Analytics, go to the Admin page
  3. Click on the “View” dropdown and “Create new view
  4. Give it any name (such as “ (filtered)” and click “Create View
  5. Click “Filters
  6. Create a new filter to exclude traffic from the IP addresses that contain
  7. Enter your IP address (from step 1) and hit “Save

Congratulations, you just enabled yourself to make better data-informed decisions in the future.

Filters are not retroactive, so this new view will not show old data. That’s why I suggest making a new view with filters, so that you start with a clean slate but still have the old view for historical reference. That’s also why you should do this as soon as possible. Like, now.

2 thoughts on “Improve Your Google Analytics Data in Two Minutes”

  1. This works nicely if you have a static IP, which I think isn’t the common case nowadays. Filtering with a cookie or using a WordPress (or equiv.) plugin may be wiser for most of us.

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