Get More Users, Leads, or Customers

Get more users, customers, or leads for your tech product or service.

My name is Grigoriy (Greg) Kogan and I consult companies on B2B customer acquisition for their technical products or services.

Whether you need faster growth, greater revenue, lower acquisition costs, higher retention, more efficient marketing operations, or just increased awareness, I can help. Contact me today.

Trusted by B2B tech companies such as:

Multinational telecom company
Platform for modern static websites
Gibraltar Software
.NET database and logging software
eThink Education
Learning Management System (LMS) service and support
Crowdsourced quality assurance platform
Enterprise mobile marketing platform
Domino Data Lab
Enterprise data science platform
Recurring billing software
Operations and log monitoring software
NoSQL database (acquired by Apple)
Fantasy sports platform (acquired then spun off by AOL)
Student learning platform
Ruby Lane
Largest online marketplace of vintage and antique products
Leading ecommerce platform for small-to-medium businesses
Towson University
Continuing education and professional studies

You should contact me if any of these are true…

  • Your company or department needs more users, sales leads, or customers.
  • You don’t have the right skills in-house to plan, manage, or execute customer acquisition work.
  • You need better insight into the effects and ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • Your site isn’t converting well, resulting in high and unsustainable acquisition costs.
  • Your marketing, sales, and product departments are inefficient or out of sync.

What B2B tech leaders say about me:

Customer Acquisition Testimonial from Domino Data Lab
Nick E., Co-Founder and CEO of Domino Data Lab:

We’re buried with leads and opportunities, so something is going well!”

Customer Acquisition Testimonial from Scalyr
Steve N., Founder of Scalyr and Co-Founder of Google Docs:

Greg has exactly the broad skill set and can-do attitude that’s critical for startups. He set up with all the building blocks to drive traffic and conversions: analytics, A/B testing, newsletter management, etc… He waded in and learned our market and business position, so he can act as an intelligent member of the business team and not just dispense generic advice. He gets things done.

Customer Acquisition Testimonial from Fleaflicker
Ori S., Founder of Fleaflicker:

Greg immediately grasped the nuances of the business and brought much-needed structure and organization to our campaigns. In two months we got more signups at a lower cost of acquisition—81% lower on our largest inbound channel. All this with minimal guidance from our team. We trusted Greg to make contributions from day one and he delivered.

Acquisition Funnel Testimonial from Sverve
Rohit V., Co-Founder of Sverve:

Greg has an uncanny ability to understand business objectives and figure out the right metrics to track.”

Interested in learning more? Email me now.

PS –

I’m far more technical and analytical than your average marketing consultant. As one client said about me: “He doesn’t just dispense generic advice. He gets things done.” I write and deploy code, create designs, configure Salesforce and other tools, write copy, analyze data, interview users, and do whatever else is needed to meet your customer acquisition goals.

Have your own team? I can work and talk shop with founders, executives, marketers, salespeople, designers, engineers, data scientists, and others, like no other marketer can. Try me.