I help B2B software companies exceed their growth goals.

My mission is to help the leaders of world-changing companies achieve their mission faster, smarter, and beyond anyone’s expectation.

Everything I do serves that mission: Whether it’s helping AT&T bring new IoT solutions to market, turning Domino Data Lab into a market leader for data science platforms, or accelerating the growth and revenue for Clubhouse, Crew, Etleap, FoundationDB, Gravitational, Inkling, Netlify, Scalyr, Singular, and other B2B software companies.

Founders, CEOs, CMOs, and VPs partner with me because:

  1. They understand that growth comes from action, not talk. They rely on me not just to provide guidance but to execute—to make decisions, implement systems, lead teams, push code, talk to users, launch campaigns, analyze data, and do whatever else it takes to get results.

  2. They want to get the right skills and insights on their side. Having worked with dozens of B2B software companies—from seed-funded startups to the world’s largest telecom company—and having tested hundreds of strategies, tactics, and tools, I know what works, what doesn’t, and how to do things right.

“Having Greg was like having an ace up my sleeve. He’s the kind of person I could deploy to whatever was the most painful problem at any given time, and count on him solving it.”

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“Total active users increased by 180%. The number of monthly users signing up for free trials doubled, while the number of paid plans went up by 60 percent. ARR increased by nearly 60 percent.”

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