To Get More Replies, Say Less

This is a story of how a software company was able to start a conversation with 8x more of their users by cutting the length of their emails by 90%. You could set up a test of this method in less than an hour.

Why Ad Campaigns Fail

This is a culmination of my thoughts on the issue of wasting money on online advertising, spurred by an article on the uselessness of traffic from Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. In the article, the author concludes that “Google [AdWords] and Facebook [Ads] traffic is 90% useless,” because: Every 9 of 10 visitors from ads … Continue reading Why Ad Campaigns Fail

How to Capture Leads with Resource Landing Pages and WordPress

If you’re like any of my clients, you need to generate high-quality leads to fill your sales pipeline and grow your company. You can spend money on contact lists and outbound sales teams, or you can sit back while the leads come to you. How? With resource landing pages and your WordPress site.

Bad Marketing Advice

Bad advice is everywhere, especially in marketing. Reading and keeping up with marketing advice is overwhelming because there’s so much of it, and so much of it is awful. While professional marketers and consultants eventually build up the experience to discern the junk from the gems, everyone else risks losing considerable amounts of time and money by … Continue reading Bad Marketing Advice

Don’t Design Your Emails

I used to dread setting up email automation and email campaigns. Why? Because before a single sales or marketing email could be sent, it needed a design. In my attempt to sidestep this time-consuming process, I learned that plain emails not only save time but work better.

There’s Nothing Clickable About the Color Red

Some junior staff member of The New Yorker once suggested they start printing their famous black-and-white cartoons in color. This really pissed off Sam Gross, a veteran cartoonist for the New Yorker, who responded: “There’s nothing funny about the color red!”[1]