I'm joining Pinecone

After consulting enterprise software startups on marketing for nearly eight years, I am joining Pinecone as VP of Marketing.

Consulting felt like a thrill the year I started, with a short runway, high stakes, and more determination than relevant work experience. In the years since then it felt like a game, in which I tried (and succeeded) to maximize provided value, earned income, and personal time while remaining independent.

Last year, consulting felt easy and familiar. I had the uneasy feeling of replaying a well worn and won game just to eke out a new high score. Then, an opportunity came to start a new game.

AI, in my view, will become such a common and core component of business software—and therefore all businesses—that we will soon say “AI” instead of “software.” Another person who shares that vision is Edo Liberty, founder of Pinecone and former Head Amazon AI Labs, who realized the kinds of AI/ML applications every business wishes they had requires infrastructure that most of them don’t have.

Towards the end of last year Edo and I worked together on messaging and positioning for the Pinecone vector database (have a look). I thought the team, culture, product, investors, and market opportunity were among the best of the dozens of startups I’ve worked with. That would’ve been a fleeting thought if Edo hadn’t asked me to join.

After considerable reflection, I decided this was the perfect challenge to take on next: Bringing a truly innovative product to market, creating a product-led growth machine from scratch, building and leading a team (contact me), integrating into a company and its culture, and bringing about the future I believe in.

This year should be a thrill!

(Rest assured I’ll continue to write about my lessons learned about consulting, startups, and product-led growth.)

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